Alicia V. Carr
iOS Mobile Developer

At the age of 18, I had the opportunity to put my hands on a computer and an IBM punch card. After that experience, I knew I wanted to be a programmer. 

In 2012, after an unexpected meeting with a 16 year old young man. I decided I wanted to be a app developer. I asked him how he got the money to buy the first version of the iPad and he told me he was a millionaire after developing an app. That's when I decided to myself, “I want to do that.” 

I started learning how to code in May 2012. It took me 1½ years to learn Objective C. After books and online courses I went through, I started working on the Purple Pocketbook in January 2014 and finished the first version in March 2014. After a month of submitting the app to Apple, it finally got approved on May 2, 2014. 

Early 2014 I found a group of women in a group called " Women Who Code".  I joined Women Who Code and was so excited to be with other ladies wanting to connect and learn from each other that knew code, just like me.   That's when I got the idea to re-invent the Women iOS (WiOS) Developer Group. I became such an active member of the group over two years working with WWCODE.  Erica Stanley Founder/Director of WWCode Atlanta and Alaina Percival CEO/Founder WWCode felt I was an excellent fit for the Director of the Atlanta chapter.

I am 53 years old, been married for 32 years, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. I love life,  and I experience my dreams as often and as soon as I can achieve them as often as I can. My passion in life has been to be an entrepreneur and help others to see life differently with strength and passion. One of my life’s early goal was to educate the masses on the problem with domestic violence in our society. I am proud with what I am doing with the PURPLE EVOLUTION, INC. (PEVO). I am that social entrepreneur.