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Let The Evolution Begin

PEVO is a national app for domestic violence.  It is the most comprehensive mobile app for domestic violence created thus far. 
This app features:

  • Secrecy: the app provides a discreet, untraceable platform for women to review their available resources, including local shelter contact information.
  • Education: Questionnaire designed to confirm what type of domestic violence you may be experiencing. 
  • Safe, secure escape options: the women can finally see relief from this awful situation.
  • Suggestions on how to keep your social media accounts secure.
  • Legal information for each State.
  •  Internet connection is not required to access this app once downloaded
  • Offered in 6 different languages: English, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi

PEVO app has become the one-stop shop for useful information and a crucial resource for those that truly need it.  PEVO app will consist of national information that can be applied to all states while containing local laws and policies supplied by each state.


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About the founder & CEO

Alicia V. Carr is the former director of Women Who Code Atlanta and a self-taught mobile developer that create a domestic violence app dedicated to helping victims escape abuse. She knew she had to utilize her acquired skills as a developer to make a difference. 

Alicia decided to combine her new learned skills and long-time passion for domestic violence prevention to create Purple Evolution, Inc (PEVO) App. 

Purple Evolution, Inc. (PEVO) formerly The Purple Pocketbook, was established as an effort to empower women experiencing domestic violence with the essential tools required to develop a safe, secure exit plan. As someone who’s had family and friends fall victim to domestic violence, Alicia wants her app to help the millions suffering from abuse across the country.

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